Hardscaping & Plantings - Driveway, Patio & Yard

Homeowner's Desire: Remove misaligned cobblestones and replace the driveway with a material which is easy to drive and walk on. The new driveway material had to allow rain water to drain before reaching the house (the street level is higher than the foundation level). In addition, this family was hoping to create a new dining area and play area for their young child.

Our Solution: We reset some of the cobblestones to serve as the entrance between the street and their main driveway. We built the main driveway and patio using two colors of pavers and added a large granite slab as a step into the house. Next to the driveway we created a new patio using pavers and defined the edges with crushed stone. For their active lifestyle and young child, we installed a sod lawn with a few mature trees.