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Water Conservation

Artistic Landscapes of Rowley installs irrigation controllers which contain the latest technology and water conservation practices. These controllers can regulate your irrigation system based on the forecast or based on the moisture in the soil. Today's irrigation systems can be more water efficient than ever. If you already have an irrigation system, we can upgrade your controller so that your irrigation system is as efficient as today's technology allows. We are using more drip irrigation systems to water plants as drip irrigation allows the moisture to reach the roots of the plants without getting on the foliage nor does it evaporate as the drip irrigation line is buried in the soil.

We also install two main brands of rainwater harvesting systems. These systems can collect the rainwater from your gutter system and store this water underground. This stored water can then be used for your irrigation system or to serve as a water feature such as a fountain or brook. Please let us know about your goals and we will tailor a system to meet your specific goals.