Do you have to light all sides of a tree

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We design landscape lighting systems to provide our clients with great value and aesthetics thus we include site specific information and our clients’ goals when designing a landscape lighting system. When a tree is going to be seen from all sides then we design and install landscape lights that will provide us with a constant amount of light around the entire canopy of the tree. In many instances, a tree is only going to be seen from one or two angles and there is a “back” side to the tree that does not have to be illuminated (fewer lights will result in a lower cost of the lighting system). This tree has a front side that can be seen from the main driveway while the back side is facing the woods and an extra parking area that is rarely used. Thus, we did not illuminate the back side of this tree. When you look at the tree from the back side, you do not get to see the bark or much of the tree as it appears to have a slight glow from the lights that are in front of the tree.

This is the back side of a tree that is not illuminated but the front side is illuminated.

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