Lights in a Rowley backyard

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This family was looking to have their patio illuminated as well as make a significant hill appear more attractive than the dark imposing hill that it was when we met. Because this family has young children and a dog, we designed their landscape lighting system to have light fixtures that were installed in locations where it would be unlikely that someone or the dog would knock them over.

Thus, we installed several lights up on their house. These lights provide downlighting onto the patio and plants while one light is focused over the grill to provide task lighting. Other lights were installed up on the hill and provide up lighting towards the top of the hill and some of the trees. As a result of the combination of lighting techniques, we were able to provide a consistent theme across the backyard and a more welcoming feel to the area. These FX Luminaire lights are in the ZDC style so they can be dimmed and emit different colors as often as you want to change the colors or the lights can be programmed to be a consistent color.

Rowley Backyard with Lights that can be programmed any color

Landscape Lights with color options in Rowley Backyard

For information about how Artistic Landscapes LLC can help you with your landscape lighting needs, please stop by our Office at 111 Newburyport Turnpike (Route One), Rowley, MA or call Tony at 978.948.2900.

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