Cobblestone Apron to a Driveway

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We are often asked what is a cobblestone apron and is it needed. We define a cobblestone apron as rows of cobblestones that separate your driveway from the street. We believe an accent of cobblestones, or some other stone, is needed as we build most of our driveways with a permeable base. Thus by installing cobblestones in concrete or mortar, we are able to use the concrete and cobblestones as our border and do not need edge restraints. This picture shows how beautiful and straight a line can be made between the pavers and the perimeter/cobblestones. We do not use a set number of rows in our aprons as the number of rows will depend on how large the driveway is going to be and whether the client wants the cobblestones to be an accent or a more significant part of the driveway.

Cobblestone apron to a driveway in Newburyport

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