Do I need to install landscape lights into my stone wall?

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We are often asked if the landscape lights need to be installed into a stone wall and we believe the answer is that “it depends”. Often times this conversation occurs while we are planning on how we are going to build the new stone wall and we still believe “it depends”. Because we are building the stone wall at the same time that we install the landscape lights, it is pretty easy for us to install the lights directly into the stonework but if the client does not want to provide a downlight effect on the stonework then the answer is that the lights should not be installed in the stonework. We then look at uplighting the stonework, as seen in the following picture, rather than casting the lighting across the stonework. When we uplight stonework then we will utilize more fixtures so that we can provide a consistent look. We will often cast light across the face of the stonework when the client does not want to draw attention to the stonework or their budget does not allow for so many lights during the first phase of the project. We believe all 3 methods work very well and the right decision is the one that provides the client with the look that they want.

Uplighting stonewalls in Burlington, MA
Uplighting stonework and trees by Wayside in Burlington, MA

Please contact Tony at Artistic Landscapes LLC in Rowley, MA (111 Newburyport Turnpike – Route One) if you would like us to help you get the lighting style and look that you would like to see at your own home. We can setup a demonstration in your yard as that may help you envision what the different types of lights can do.

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