Is a nice walkway too expensive?

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We are often asked ‘if there are any nice walkways that are not very expensive’ and the answer to that question is yes.  The cost of a walkway is based on the amount of time it will take to excavate and remove the existing ground beneath the walkway, the base materials, the edge restraints and the polymeric sand regardless of which stone you select for your walkway. The main variable cost is in the cost of the stone that you select. Most concrete pavers have a cost range of within $7 – $8 per sq. ft. We find that the most expensive pavers will add costs to the project but it will not result in doubling the cost of the project. For instance, if a walkway is $4,500 for the least expensive paver then the cost of the most expensive paver for the same walkway might be approximately $5,600.

For information about how Artistic Landscapes LLC can help you get a patio, walkway, paver driveway or retaining walls that you want please stop by our office at 111 Newburyport Turnpike {Route One} in Rowley, MA or call us at 978.948.2900. While you are at our Office, please look at all of the samples that we have on display as we have all of the price points shown in our display. Our display includes 10 parking spaces that reflect potential paver patterns and styles, we have an outdoor kitchen that includes several samples of exterior grade porcelain tiles as well as other Unilock pavers.

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