Natural Stone Walkway in Ipswich, MA

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This Ipswich, MA family wanted to replace their front walkway as the old walkway was showing signs of being more than 20 years old and often had icy patches on the walkway each winter. This family wanted a contemporary look with nice, clean lines and larger stones. They selected Unilock’s Indian Coast natural sandstone tiles. We built the walkway with vertical seams to help create the Contemporary look that our client wanted. The seams continue up the risers of the steps as we built the steps using these same natural stones for the risers.

This is the walkway which our client wanted to replace.

Front walkway built with natural stone tiles that create a Contemporary walkway for an Ipswich family
Old brick walkway that was replaced

We addressed the icy patches by increasing the pitch of the walkway and removing one step. The old walkway had five steps with each step being about a 5 ½” step while the walkway was almost perfectly flat. Our new walkway includes four steps that are each about 7” (we like the 7” step as that is consistent with the wooden steps that continue past the paver walkway area) and we sloped the walkway so that water will flow away from the house. By making these changes, we believe we will be able to mitigate the amount of ice that accumulates on the walkway this winter.

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