A walkway that has many tripping hazards in it

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This Groveland, MA family wanted to replace their front walkway as the old walkway had failed and contained many tripping hazards. The tripping hazards were due to the old bricks sinking. The following picture shows some of the unevenness of the bricks.

Original uneven (some of the bricks sank) walkway in Groveland, MA

We addressed the tripping hazards by removing the bricks (we left them neatly stacked next to the house as the client wanted to keep them for a future use) prior to removing the old base materials. The base materials were almost all sand. There was some crushed stone as base materials in some areas of the walkway but the crushed stone was not consistently applied throughout the walkway.

We installed and compacted ¾” crushed stone before screeding a layer of 3/8” crushed stone. Once we had the base built then we installed Unilock’s Westport pavers in Bavarian as the main area of the walkway. The perimeter of the walkway is accented with two rows of Copthorne pavers in Basalt color. We believe the contrast between the perimeter and the main area of the walkway looks great and it is exactly what these homeowners’ wanted.

Unilock's Westport pavers in Bavarian color with an accent along the perimeter with Copthorne pavers in Basalt color
Front Walkway for a Groveland family built with Unilock’s Westport pavers in Bavarian color and Copthorne accent in Basalt color
Closeup of the Westport pavers with the double row of contrasting Copthorne pavers along the perimeter

For information about how Artistic Landscapes LLC can help with your patio or walkway design please stop by our office at 111 Newburyport Turnpike {Route One} in Rowley, MA or call us at 978.948.2900. Although we have many Unilock pavers on display, there are many colors that we have as options eventhough they are not displayed. So, please talk with us as we can show you paver options that will meet your goals.

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