Front Walkway in Newburyport

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This Newburyport added a beautiful farmer’s porch to the front of their house over the last year. Once the porch was finished the carpenters installed a 12″ deep granite step as the step off of the new porch. The homeowner had difficulty with the step because it was too narrow to see it when they left their house and the height between the top of the granite and the porch left them feeling like they needed to jump to reach it.

We fixed their problems by adding a 3′ deep solid granite landing as the top step while using the existing granite step as the lower step. We set three rows of natural cobblestones in cement by the road before transitioning to Unilock’s Westport pavers for the walkway. The walkway is 4′ wide and is directly lined up with the front door making it a very inviting entrance way.

Front Walkway for a Newburyport family that starts with cobblestones by the road then Unilock’s Westport pavers before reaching the solid gray granite steps

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