How to prep for a paver walkway?

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We were asked what needs to be done to prep for a paver walkway, thus we thought we would discuss this here today. The first thing that we do is start digging out the existing loam or materials as we will need to install a compacted stone base. We figure out how deep to dig based on the type of soil that exists on the side and if the walkway is going to be used for just people to walk on or if there will be vehicles driving on it. If vehicles are going to drive on it, then that is a different conversation as this conversation assumes that it is just for people to walk on. We will normally dig 8″ – 10″ deep and about a foot wider than the walkway. It is important to dig deep enough and wide enough to allow for the stone base to have enough holding capacity to hold the pavers while allowing for water to drain into the native soil. We use a laser level to ensure that we will have a consistent grade of the base materials as we do not some areas of the walkway to have 10″ of crushed stone while other areas have only 6″. We recommend reading the ICPI website for more information.

Excavated base beneath a paver patio in Georgetown, MA

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