Preparation for a natural stone patio in Newburyport

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This Newburyport family has a fairly small backyard that they want to make better use of. The existing brick patio was uneven and would flood for a couple of days after each rain storm. In addition to wanting a new patio that fit into the characteristics of downtown Newburyport they wanted to have an outdoor shower, a hot tub and a vegetable garden.

We worked with the family in determining the size of the vegetable garden in the sunniest corner of the yard as well as the location of the hot tub and outdoor shower. The location of the outdoor shower was a little tricky as this area can be seen from some neighbors but we agreed that by locating the shower in the corner of the yard closest to the house then the hot tub would gain a little additional screening and the shower would not be directly below a kitchen windown.

Once we had all of these design factors determined then we connected the downspout into a 4″ pipe and brought the water from the gutter system into a large dry well that we built. The base of the new patio is permeable as the base consists of 3/4″ crushed stone and geotextile but no stonedust. Here are a few early pictures.

Existing brick patio that was replaced
Existing brick patio that was replaced

The drywell will receive rain water from the downspout that will be moved to the front right corner of the addition as we installed a 4″ solid pipe between the downspout and the center of the drywell. This drywell is deeper than normal because we were only able to fit one drywell in eventhough we will be collecting all the roof runoff in one place. The drywell is wrapped in landscape fabric so that soil does not clog the drainage system.

The drywell is approximately 5′ deep and 5′ wide

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