Pruning of Rhododendrons in Newburyport

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We did a significant amount of pruning on mature Rhododendrons this summer. We normally try to do our significant pruning of rhododendrons shortly after they flower (June or July) as that timing will allow the plants to recover and grow flower buds for next year. Although we can still prune rhododendrons, any plant pruned at this time of year is likely going to have only a few flowers next year as we will be pruning off most of the flower buds.

Here are a group of mature rhododendrons that were blocking the view out of the kitchen windows as they had grown too tall. Although we pruned them significantly back in the middle of July, we expect this Newburyport family will have some flowers on their rhododendrons next year.

Rhododendron that is too tall as nobody can see out the kitchen windows
Mature rhododendrons that blocked the view of the kitchen windows
Rhododendrons pruned so that you can see out the kitchen windows of this Newburyport home

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