Exposing the Root Flare of a Tree

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Planting a tree is more difficult than planting a perennial due to the trees size and trees NEED their root flare exposed. Most of the time, nurseries and garden centers sell trees that have been reinforced to stay upright by having extra clay/loam up on the tree trunk. I believe the thought is that if we (the growers) can have the tree stand straight up then people will buy it. That is fine if you remember to remove the extra soil when you are planting.

The root flare is defined as the area where the tree starts to get wider at the base. Normally the tree trunk is straight and about the same size then just before you get to the roots of the tree the tree will start to get wider and it is that area that is defined as the root flare. If you bury the root flare too deep then the tree will still grow for a number of years but as it grows it will begin to need more oxygen and water to help support the larger tree. It is at this time that the root flare being exposed is critical.

This is a 20 year-old evergreen that had its root flare buried about 6″ – 7″ below the grade of the mulch. Because the root flare was buried, the tree eventually suffocated and died. We had to remove a tree that should be a beautiful specimen after 20 years but instead they are back to having no tree.

Root flare was buried too deep which caused this evergreen to die

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