Goshen Stone patio in Newburyport

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This is a follow-up to the posts where we discussed building this patio but we never shared the final pictures. As you will see in these pictures, Goshen Stone varies in color and size. Some of these stones were 8′ long and 3′ wide. A stone that we installed near the center of the patio is about 5′ – 6′ long and wide.

The finished goshen stone patio in Newburyport. NOTE: the steps are 4′ wide.
This view of the patio shows that it is a permeable patio as the joints were filled with 3/8″ peastone. Larger loose stone serves as the mulch between the fence and the patio.
This individual piece of goshen stone is approximately 6′ long and 6′ wide.
This individual piece of goshen stone is the same length as the fence (8′) and it is approximately 3′ wide.

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