Patio in Newton, MA

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This family bought a house in Newton less than 6 months ago and needed to address a water issue as they noticed some water would come into their basement. They spoke with their neighbor (they basically have the same hill sloped towards each house) and asked if the neighbor has had any water issues. The neighbor explained that he had Artistic Landscapes install a drainage system and patio for him seven (7) years ago and everything has been great ever since.

Thus, we listened to our client’s goals and designed a curved, free flowing patio that also has a space for their grill. Unilock’s Treo pavers in the New York Blend color serve as the body of this patio while the Transition pavers in Charcoal accent the perimeter. We were able to grade the patio so that water will flow away from the house rather than towards the house.

Backyard patio in Newton, MA with Unilock Treo pavers and an accent along the perimeter of the patio
The backyard in Newton, MA with a cracked concrete patio and downspouts that emptied near the foundation

For information about how Artistic Landscapes can help you with your patio needs or help stop water from coming into your basement, please call us at 978.948.2900. Our office on Route One (111 Newburyport Turnpike) in Rowley, MA is currently not open to the public but we can meet you outside and look at the many paver samples and retaining wall samples that we have on our property.

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